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Part II of “Water, Water Everywhere” January 11, 2009

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I left off “Water, Water Everywhere and It Makes You Want to Drink” with a “to be continued”. Well let me tell you, there was a lot that continued and here it is:


The story of the second flood is one that will make you put your head in your hands and say “those freaking idiots!”. Greg came home during lunch one day to let Lola out and discovered a bunch of the upstairs neighbors friends shooting a movie on their back porch. Mind you none of the upstairs neighbors were anywhere to be found. One of the scenes they were shooting involved a bearded guy in a dress getting sprayed by a hose. Greg said when he came through the back gate, there was tons of water dripping off the porch and then when he opened the door to our apartment, it was like the Niagara Falls in the kitchen.  


Apparently, one of the upstairs neighbors (who was a complete ditz of a guy), told his friends they could use the place while he was gone and attach a hose to the same valve that had caused the problem in the first place. At that point the handle on the valve had been removed, so that it wouldn’t cause a problem again, but these people attached the hose and then used a wrench to start the water flow!!


Greg quickly ran upstairs and told the people they needed to stop immediately because there was water running everywhere downstairs. At first they gave him an annoyed “what’s your problem” look and then Greg had to spell out for them that the water was leaking into our apartment. They all ran downstairs and helped Greg cleanup as fast as possible, but the damage had already been done and walls were completely soaked again. Ugh…..


Needless to say, our poor dog that we only had for two weeks, had to endure the cleanup crew coming into our place and installing those horrid loud dryers and dehumidifiers again. We also had to deal with people showing up  unannounced at 8:00 am (mind you people work hours start at about 10:00 or 11:00  a here, so we were just waking up) to paint. Obviously we didn’t want to leave our poor dog in the  apartment breathing in paint fumes, so we had to do a lot of last minute scrambling to  make accommodations during the day for her. 


After enduring all of that, it really took a lot out of us and that’s when we decided we had to move. Our place had lost it’s comfort and charm. As the fall started to set in, the apartment became very cold and our breath could be seen at night. Our upstairs neighbors had control over the heat and they were a bunch of poor artists/students who were getting kicked out anyway, so it was a complete pain to get them to keep the heat on. Needless to say, that was our final straw and we were absolutely done with that place and we went on the apartment hunt.


Lola’s little sister January 6, 2009

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Well not really, but Lola made a friend out of a 4 month old bulldog named Piper, who is the cutest thing ever.


From my office window

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Majestic, with all this snow.


Christmas on Vancouver Island

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We got to spend Christmas with our friend Amie, her awesome family, and their dog Maisie the Bassett Hound. They live in a secluded bay called Deep Cove, only a few blocks (or woodsy hikes) to the ocean.  We ate, napped, and took long walks – needless to say Lola was mad to return to Vancouver.


Miss representin’

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Someone found fake “bling” at the ghetto mall here, and wore it to make mommy proud.


Family Photos!

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Pictures of our new place

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Still in the works, and has been updated but here are some early pics of the place.

Note the digital projector I found at a local pawn shop – we can watch movies AND play nintendo. Lola wants to play Super Mario, or at least bark at him.